Cheaper Than Dirt Guns: Top 3 Handguns!

Cheaper than Dirt has a very long list of different types of firearms that often confuses people when they visit the brand’s official website. For that reason, this article has been written in order to educate people on which Cheaper than Dirt firearms are the best. As you continue reading there is a list of the top three Cheaper than Dirt handguns and a few key points about the guns.

1st Pick, Glock Pistols:

glockpistolThe first of the three listed are glock pistols. These pistols are favorite by many for multiple reasons. Those reasons being reliability, they’re unconventional and they’re “cool”. The Model 17 is the best known glock pistol due to its polymer frame. This frame is molded by injection. It is 204 mm long and 138 mm in height. Most people are such big fans of this pistol because of its light weight of only 22.04 oz. This is also due to its strong resistance towards impact and corrosion.

The G 17 is a simple and effective gun, making it attractive to most. This full size pistols magazine capacity holds up to 17 rounds of 9 mm caliber bullets. This firearm was specifically designed for tactical, competition and /or defense purposes and should be used as such.

The G17 can be bought from Cheaper than Dirt for a very reasonable price. There are also many add-ons that can be purchased to improve this firearm. Some of these add-ons are night sights, a magazine pouch, tactical lights, adjustable sights and holsters.

The second most popular handgun is the line of Walther PP handguns. For those who do not already know, PP stands for Polizie Pistole. The Walther PPK is probably one of the best known guns of the Walther PP handgun line.

2nd Pick, Walther PPK:


The Walther PPK is a semi automatic pistol. It is 155 mm long and weighs 22.04 0z. This fantastic gun has fixed sights and black synthetic grips. It also has an exposed hammer and is one of the first model guns to include a decocker. The decocker feature was specifically designed in order to allow the slide to drop safely when the hammer is depressed.

The Walther PPK is one of the best handguns that you can get and Cheaper than Dirt sells them for less than most of their other handguns. Of course if you were to buy a Walther PPK from Cheaper than Dirt and use a CTD promotional code for your order, you would be getting an amazing deal.

3rd, Browning Hi Power:


Third on the list of top handguns is the Browning Hi Power pistol. This pistol is also a semi automatic firearm. However this one can be ordered with one of two types of calibers, a .40 S&W or a 9 mm. This was the last design of John Browning. The design had been requested by Fabrique Nationale and was intended to be offered to the French military service as a sidearm.

The Browning Hi Power pistol weighs 35.2 oz making it the heaviest of the top three handguns. It is also 197 mm long. The name of the gun was later changed to P-35 by the Belgians. This gun has a double column magazine that can carry 13 rounds. A handgun with this round capacity was amazing considering the time that it was designed.

More information about this gun can be found on the Cheaper than Dirt official website. This gun can also be purchased from Cheaper than Dirt for an amazing price and with a promotional code, you will get a deal on your order that you are very unlikely to find elsewhere.

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