Cheaper Than Dirt Military Discount Codes

There are many military veterans or even active duty members who are or have become gun enthusiasts. In most places there are military discounts for these specific members. However, they can be very difficult to find at times. For this reason, we will specifically be going over some ways for military personnel and veterans to find Cheaper than Dirt discounts and promotional codes on firearms, surplus and other products than Cheaper than dirt offers.

What is a Cheaper Than Dirt Military Discount Code?

A military discount or promotional code from Cheaper than Dirt is basically the same as the many other discounts offered by the brand. However, these codes and discounts can only be used by those who were or are in the military and have solid proof of it.

Cheaper than Dirt decided to release these military discount promotional codes when they realized that many of their customers were current active duty or were military veterans. They offered deals on popular firearms such as the Glock 19 and the Springfield XDM XD-M. These guns could be bought for less than $475, which is the usual online listed price.

For some time, this idea of releasing promo codes to military members and veterans was wonderful. However, it did not last. Recently there have been quite a few negative posts on forums and message boards claiming that Cheaper than Dirt is not military friendly and claiming that they will not do business with this brand again.


Customers React To The Changes:

Some of these posts may be old, but it makes it difficult to believe that, with so many negative posts, things truly have changed. However, the internet is a mass of information and there are Cheaper than Dirt discounts specifically for military personnel and veterans. It is simply a matter of sitting down and taking the time to find them.

In order to understand why Cheaper than Dirt has been recently claimed as being unfriendly to military personnel you must understand where this all started. Many people began to follow this idea about Cheaper than Dirt being unfriendly to the military when an angry customer started a long, nasty thread about them on a message board.

When something like this is started, it is difficult to say what is true and what is fact. However, Cheaper than Dirt has previously released promotional codes for the military and veterans, and there is no reason for them to have stopped.

Times Are Changing:

Even promotional codes that can be used by everyone can be difficult to find at times, so it makes sense that since these specific codes are limited and are specified to be used only by certain types of customers, they may be even more difficult to find.

With that said, there are many places to look online for these promotional codes. Of course you can begin by searching through Cheaper than Dirt’s official website and Facebook fan page. On the fan page you will also have the opportunity to ask others about military discounts.

You can also use forums and message boards that are specified to gun enthusiasts. There are great e-commerce websites as well, such as, where these codes may be found. So, if you are in need of these promo codes take some time to search for them. If you are having a difficult time finding military specified codes, you could even call the company directly to verify that they offer discounts. This may also help you to narrow your search.

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