Cheaper Than Dirt`s Support of the 2nd Amendment In Jeopardy

An article named “I Support Toomey-Manchin and You Should Too” was posted on the Cheaper than Dirt blog page a few months ago. This was right after an interview of Alen Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation. Gottlieb claims that it is far from the truth and that the article posted does not in any way represent the company’s opinion on the matter.

The “I support Toomey-Manchin and You Should Too” article was about the Toomey-Manchin gun proposal. This proposal entails full background checks and mental screenings for those who purchase guns at gun shows and online. These checks would not have to be done if a gun were to be sold from one individual to another, as long as the sale was not advertised online or in a publication, like a newspaper ad.

Cheaper than Dirt posted this article, not to claim that they supported the Toomey- Manchin gun proposal, but to inform other gun enthusiasts so that they also may make well informed decisions. They simply wanted others to know what the pending gun legislation was and to make their own opinion of it.


Cheaper than Dirt as a company fully supports the second amendment, which protects American individuals rights to keep and bear arms. The second amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791 from English common-law and many continue to follow and support it.

Along with the many statements that Cheaper than Dirt officials have made stating that they are in full support of the second amendment, within the last year, they have shown this to be true by donating almost two million dollars to support the second amendment.

Cheaper than Dirt has sold many firearms over the years and continues to do so with pride. This brand has been the Ultimate Shooting Discounter from the U.S. since 1993. They are continuously proud to say that they, unlike others, do not pinch pennies or stretch dollars to give you the product that you want.

CTD’s Website has over one hundred thousand products available on their official website and through their catalogs. These products are available at only a click away for great prices. Cheaper than Dirt has also continuously released promotional discount codes for all customers use.

These codes vary in availability and amount. Some codes may scale to save you ten to twenty five percent on your entire order. Others include free shipping and free gifts. Cheaper than Dirt also has contests and sweepstakes listed on their blog page.

Some may have misunderstood the intent of the “I Support Toomey-Manchin and You Should Too” articles posting. However, it was simply to inform readers and fellow gun enthusiasts of the current state at which laws may be changing. This company, Cheaper than Dirt, continues to follow and support the second amendment in any way possible, through donations, informing others, and even making large sales of firearms through their official website for amazing prices. For those who would like to check out the articles, videos and other information about gun news and about Cheaper than Dirt, the blog page can be visited at:

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