How to legally buy firearms online

The United States requires that all of those who wish to purchase a firearm has no criminal record in order to do so. These firearms can be intended for self-defense, collections or hunting.

In different states there are often other underlying processes for purchasing a gun. However, it is usual for someone to go to a gun shop and find the gun of their choice. After that the person will need to wait for the shop to do a clear background check. Then you will be able to finish your order.

When using a Cheaper than Dirt promotional code and buying online you must speak to someone from the Federal Firearms License to retrieve your gun for you. The steps to follow will be listed in order.

First you will need to visit the Cheaper than Dirt official website and find the gun that you want to buy. You should browse online to see what is in stock, but you can usually buy your gun from an option of various retail outlets.

Once you have found your gun, your next step will be to find a Federal Firearms License holder, if you yourself are not one. One of the easiest ways to do that is to visit a gun shop locally. Every gun shop is required to have their Federal Firearms License. These shops may charge a cheap fee but most of them will make the gun transfer for this fee.

After you have done so, your 3rd step will be to purchase the gun through the Cheaper than Dirt website. Be sure to use your promotional code. After this you will need to contact both the Federal Firearms License holder and the seller to arrange the gun transfer. The seller will require a copy of the Federal Firearm’s License holder’s license before the transfer can be complete.


You will then need to speak to someone from Cheaper than Dirt to ensure that your gun will be shipped to the Federal Firearms License holder’s address. Firearms sellers cannot legally send a gun to a person who is not a Federal Firearms License client.

You will have to wait until the gun is sent to the Federal Firearms License holder. You may receive a phone call as soon as the package is dropped off. You will have to go and pick up your new gun, of course being sure to be careful with it, bring it home safely.

When it comes to using the Cheaper than Dirt promotional codes to order your gun online, it is the same as using any other brand’s promotional codes. The codes can be found in many different places such as the brand’s official website or their Facebook fan page. These are both great places to find codes specifically for Cheaper than Dirt products.

The codes are usually entered in during the checkout process but some sites may differ and not all require that you go through the checkout process to enter the code. Some sites also may require that you only use one code, while others don’t have any limitations.

Now that you have the know-how, you can buy yourself a new gun online through Cheaper than Dirt, using promotional codes and receive it properly. Simply follow the regulations of the company and be sure to have it sent to a Federal Firearms License holder.