Is Cheaper Than Dirt a Reliable Brand?

Some may wonder what brands are reliable and what brands are not, especially when buying something as expensive and serious as a firearm. It is always important to be able to trust the company that you are purchasing from and know that they are going to give you what you need for a reasonable price without issues.

One company that has come into question recently is Cheaper than Dirt. On December 18th, it was announced on the Cheaper than Dirt fan page that the company would be temporarily suspending all online firearms sales. At the time information was not offered, but due to the fact that Cheaper than Dirt has been a full supporter of the second amendment for a very long time, it was stated that they would maintain promoting the safe use of firearms. The company’s goal throughout the suspension was to review their own policies and make changes if necessary.

It did not take long before the announcement post was overflowing with comments from other users. The following day the company changed the statement that it had previously made, claiming that they had received a number of orders so large that it was nearly overwhelming. They continued to clarify that the previous statement was still valid.

After CTD had made the announcement that they would continue with sales as soon as possible a new press release went out. In this press release the company continued to state that 72 hours were needed in order to process the orders made immediately after the first statement was posted on the Facebook fan page.


It was also said by Roberta Wilson, the Chief Operations Officer of Cheaper than Dirt, that the company would be reviewing its policies and procedures in order to ensure the best service to their customers.  She also stated that the online sales of firearms would continue directly after an update of the policies and procedures had been completed.

Wilson ended her announcement by highlighting the fact that Cheaper than Dirt is a full second amendment supporter and has been for a very long time. She also continued to say that Cheaper than Dirt will carry on supporting the needs of the gun community and offering high quality service and merchandise to all clients and customers.

Some may see this situation as a terrible downfall for the company since they have stopped all sales for a period of time. However, the reason that they stopped their sales seems to be a just one. In order to provide the best service to all customers, the company does in fact need to review their work, policies, reports, etcetera.

With that said, it may still be questionable as to whether Cheaper than Dirt is doing the right thing by stopping all sales in order to better the company, since it clearly has upset many customers. There may have been other ways that procedures could have been looked over and regulated without shutting down all sales, even if it is for a small period of time.

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