What to know about Cheaper Than Dirt Promotional Codes

Brands, such as Cheaper than Dirt, release promotional codes on a regular basis specifically to support and appreciate their customers. These codes are usually made up mostly of random letters but can include numbers as well. The promotional codes are used in order to get a discount on certain items or deals. There are multiple kinds of deals and discounts. For example, you could get free shipping on certain items, such as the Rugar SR-556E semi auto rifle in .223 caliber, 16”.

You could even find bundle deals. Bundle deals require that you buy multiple items at once, but for a cheaper price then what they would have originally added up to. Bundle deals are very popular along with percentage deals. When using a percentage deal, instead of having a set price for an item you may have it reduced by a certain percent. This is usually because prices change often or are not the same through all vender locations. Once these deals are used, let us say that it is a 10% discount code for a $100 product, and then the product would cost $90.

Using these promotional codes and discounts is a great way to save money. You can find these codes in many different places but it is a usual requirement that they only be used for online purchases. By using these codes you can find the survival, hunting and gunman products you need at a lower cost to you.

Products You Could Buy

Since there are many different products, there are many different promotional codes as well for the brands to keep track of. A few of the products that are currently being offered with a Cheaper than Dirt promotional code are listed.

The first product is the EAA SAR Gun-400 9mm Semi-Automatic Handgun. This handgun is very reliable and sturdy. The limited offer on the EAA SAR Gun-400 9mm gun, includes a price decreased by $14 along with free shipping for the purchase.

Another product listed is Weatherby PA-08 Shotgun 20 Gauge. This shotgun is offering five rounds with synthetic stock black for $295. The shotgun is complete gloss black and this promotional code is offered until January, 17th of 2017.

Shotguns are very well balanced weapons, therefore, they are rather popular in the gunman world. Cheaper than Dirt also offers a Mossberg 500 Tactical 12 Gauge shotgun with $40 off, plus free shipping. This offer is a great one and is offered for a limited time.


For ammunition there is a deal on federal buckshot. This deal is, buy 6 boxes of 12 gauge buckshot AMM-843 and $5 will be reduced from your purchase when using an online code from Cheaper Than Dirt There is a limit of how much you can buy which is 6 boxes per day.

An 11-piece U.S. Army first aid kit is also being offered with a deal. Along with this purchase, you can get $20 off your order. This is one of the most popular deals that has been offered by Cheaper than Dirt, recently.

Those items and deals listed above are very few of what Cheaper than Dirt has to offer and what you can use promotional codes on. Actually, you could use promotional codes on almost every kind of product that Cheaper than Dirt carries. You could use codes on handguns, rifles, ammunition, army surplus and more.

Best CTD Promotion Code

On RetailMeNot.com you can find the best deal ever offered by Cheaper than Dirt. This deal is 25% off your entire purchase, not just one item, but the entire bulk of what you are buying. This may not seem like a huge discount for some, but for those who are planning on buying a large firearm for $1,000 or more, this could be a great deal that is only offered for a limited time.

With this information it is clearly understandable that promotional codes and discounts can greatly help your purchase of firearms, ammunition, Army surplus and survival supplies. These offers are great deals but they are limited and should be used while they are still available.